Monday, 12 September 2011

Yet another long absence from blogging

Last post was June?? No way. And once again I'm back mostly because I have time to spare being off sick from work. Awaiting new and hopefully miraculous treatment.

So, straight back into it. My current everyday life. Poppy is growing up very fast, we potty trained her in 5 days last week, what a little star. Goes wee-wee and poo-poo on the toilet now no problem. As a parent you can get slightly obsessed with your child's motions; I wouldn't say that I am so obsessed as impressed, her poo-poo today has been ginormous. And to think that would usually be stewing away in a nappy.

Hubby has had good news at work, is moving departments so will now be known as DC instead of PC. He's really pleased as he's a bit over the drudgery of dealing with the drunks on a weekend down Wind St and shoplifters. Fingers crossed he likes it and does well enough to stay on permanently at the end of the secondment.

My mum came over tonight to help bath Poppy etc. For the first time ever Poppy wanted her to take her up to bed instead of me. This was fine by me, except I knew before they set foot on the stairs that she'd take the piss out of my mum. Which she duly did, refusing to wee, refusing to brush teeth, shouting for more stories, screaming when she left the room. Don't think it helped that mum doesn't really know how to do 'quiet time', reading stories at quite a volume and talking all the while about it to Poppy. Then leaving the door open when she came downstairs, calling good night back up to her as she descended. Oh dear. Good old Mummy had to then go up and do the usual hug, kiss, hug and kiss all the teddies, turn on the white noise and stars, say good night loads of times. No wonder Poppy won't go to sleep without one of my parents lying on the bed in her room when she stays there, she knows exactly which buttons to press to get her way with them! Little minx...need to show them how to man up and be a bit firmer I think.

Only 9 weeks until NYC trip for me and hubby. Woo-hoo! Countdown is on baby.

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