Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Holiday has started

I will try harder to do my 100 words each day I promise. I've been rubbish since I decided it the other day!

Today was my last day at work for 2 and a half weeks. Strangely I didn't feel excited and have been in a pretty crappy mood all day as once again Poppy is waking at 530am and refusing to go back to sleep. And once again moaning and crying for the 3 hours until we leave the house because she's so tired. I thought we'd moved passed that phase as she started taking a bottle and going back for an hour or more, the past three days it hasn't worked and I'm tired out again. And tired of the whinging. Maybe it hasn't sunk in yet that I'm off. Or perhaps the thought of having no break from the difficult part of parenthood is making a small part of me wish that I wasn't off work. That probably makes me sound like a bad parent, I'm sure there are others out there that have that thought occasionally. And the certainty that their chid prefers being at nursery than at home.

Monday, 28 June 2010

My baby is growing up fast

When I arrived at Poppy's nursery to drop her off this morning I was told that it was her first day in Toddlers - the next age group up from the babies section. I had to leave her at the door instead of taking her down to the room. Ahhh! I wasn't too happy as I didn't know about it beforehand. However as hubby pointed out she's quite often down with the toddlers as she's been one of the older babies, so it's not like it was all new to her...
When I picked her up the carer went through all the different areas, what the day is structured like, where she eats, how they sleep (roll out mats on the floor all together), the activity areas. Plus more. I CAN'T BELIEVE she slept with all the other children in one place and didn't just crawl about climbing all over them giggling. She apparently was a bit fidgety to start and took about 5 minutes to go to sleep. 5 minutes??! That's a miracle in my book. She also has her own coat hook with a photo of her face above it as you go in. Plus when they start off the day they all sit together in the story corner for register before the story, and get to put a Photo Bee on the board to show that they had been there that day. How cute??

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Scorching weekend

Phew what a scorcher it’s been this weekend. I had to work Saturday morning but it was quiet and we got out on time at midday. Poppy was being looked after by my parents and had an excellent morning while I was at work, playing on the swing and slide, getting covered in sand in the sand pit and then getting clean in the paddling pool. My Dad took lots of photos for me and she looked like she loved every minute.

Today I went to the local country park with my parents and Poppy for the day, and after a morning full of moaning and sleepy eyes, she had an hour and a half nap in the pram after lunch there. Let’s hope that’s a good omen for when we go on holiday and she will be willing to sleep when we’re out and about.

Friday, 25 June 2010

100th post and a 100 word challenge

After following another wonderful Mummy’s blog who has recently challenged herself to write 250 words a day, I thought that I could manage her previous goal of blogging 100 words a day. I’m not trying to be funny, inspiring, or even particularly interesting every day but at least it will be a snapshot of each day and I can even look back and remind myself of things that I would otherwise forget.

Tonight after Poppy was in bed the sun was still shining strongly into our front garden, so to have half an hour to us that didn’t involve sitting in front of the television Hubby and I ate ice lollies on our garden bench. It was nice and quite relaxing.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Baby walking and our first Evening Meal Out

Isn't it just too cute to see your child starting to walk? A friend's baby has also begun this week and this video is brilliant.

Tonight we were brave and decided to eat out for our evening meal, including Poppy. It didn't start too well as the local pub we'd decided on didn't start serving until 6pm which would have been too late for Poppy to eat when she's used to having dinner at 530. So we legged in back into town to our local Brewers Fayre chain pub, which also has a soft play area. After ordering we went in to play. This is an entirely different experience when you have a toddler, not an immobile baby - she could go where she wanted and go she did. Instead of being confined to the baby ball pit she was off, exploring the areas for older children, climbing, squeezing through holes and following other kids around. Hilarious. As we were leaving to go out for dinner she also walked from my dining room right to the front door, pausing only once to rest her hand on a doorframe, a total of about 20 steps. Think this is the most I've seen her do so far.

How do they have no fear of falling? They know it's going to happen at some point and yet get up and keep going. I think that this is the main stumbling block for me learning to rollerblade and ice skate properly. I'm just a big wimp afraid of hurting myself.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Father's Day Fun

A trip to a local farm shop that has a few animals to look at, a playpark and restaurant, and lots of lovely food to buy = fun had by all and a lighter purse.

1. Cuddle with Daddy 2. Horsey Horsey 3. Chicken watching
4. Walking with her grandparents 5. Me and Hubby 6. Driving the tractor
7. Choosing the best homemade jam 8. Horsey up close 9. Climbing the tractor

Seedlings update

The little seedlings are now fully fledged plants that we are beginning to enjoy for our dinner. This is the planted out box that Handy Daddy made.

And this was the basis to our yummy salad last night.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer until the potatoes are ready too!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Relaxing day in the sun

The weather is so nice at the moment, I make the most of each and every opportunity to be outside. This morning we took a trip to the park, an albeit short trip after Poppy had a 90min nap. Despite a major tantrum under the boat climbing frame, because of what I'm still not quite sure, the hour was pleasantly spent overall. On the way back to the car Poppy walked most of the way holding to the pram, and when she'd had enough cruised around to the front to be sat back up for a little rest. Bless her.

I've not had time to post but she had finally starting taking some steps unassisted!! She's been doing a little more each day. She looks so very pleased with herself when she does a few steps.

This afternoon a friend and her two daughters came over for a visit. I set the garden up so that the kids were able to play with us sat watching, the sun was shining, a parasol kept the baby in shade, and we both chilled out for a few hours. Its amazing how much happier I feel when the sun is out and I can spend some stress-free time outdoors.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Missing seeing my husband

Having to work is really crappy. My poor hubby has been working non-stop all week, has only 1 out of his rota'd 4 days off thanks to a music festival in Swansea and a court date on the other two days (as an evidence-giver, not the accused). At least his one day off is tomorrow, a Sunday, but bless him he'll be so tired who knows what time he'll get out of bed. And speaking of 'who know what time', when will he get to come home this evening? Was meant to leave at 9pm but it's nearly 10pm and he's text saying they're being kept on.

On a different note, I was pleased today with my ability to be flexible with Poppy's routine. I took her to visit my aunt and uncle in Newport, a 90 minute drive. So that I could see as much of them as possible we didn't leave until gone 430pm and she was going to bed almost an hour late. But so what? She slept the entire journey there and back which was blissful, and has been pretty contented all day. Result.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Folly Farm trip

A rare day out as a family ended up in a trip to Folly Farm, near Tenby. Poppy loved having the new freedom of toddling around rather than being pushed in the pram, albeit holding onto any free hand or finger.

These are the highlights of the day as pictures:

Poppy Pigtails

Have been accumulating a collection of hairclips and hair bobbles since Poppy was little for when her hair is long enough for a ponytails or pigtails. I've been trying to put a bobble in now and again, and today was the day that her hair was finally long enough for them to make little pigtails!! Yay!!


And this is her being a Big Girl, drawing on her new favourite magnetic board, sat on the sofa before nursery. Again, how cute?!

My inner Domestic Goddess

Last week I had an impulse to buy a sewing machine. When the weather was hot Poppy was too hot just in a vest and a 1 tog sleeping bag, so I thought how hard could it be to make a lightweight bag from a sheet? Turns out not so hard. It doesn't look perfect, it's plain and boring as it's from an old cream duvet cover, but it does include a zip up the side and poppers at the shoulders. Impressed? So am I.

This is the basic pieces cut from the duvet cover

And this is the finished product!

My next project is a tablecloth for my dining table. Need to find some funky material as it'll be a piece of cake after the sleeping bag. Just measure, cut and hem a rectangular piece of cloth! But it'll stop the marks appearing from the food missiles Poppy launches at it and the scratches from its role as a general dumping ground.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Terrifying Tantrums

This morning before work was the WORST ever morning. I am still feeling completely incompetent and emotionally wrecked. Poppy woke at 620am, late for her as you'll know if you read this regularly, so I decided to get her up and give her a bottle downstairs rather than putting her back to bed after it. I don't know if this was the reason, if she was hungry after her milk, or just being a total cow, but from then on she tantrum-ed for 2 hours until we left the house. And I mean this new, extreme, eye-wateringly loud kind of tantrum she's developed. All I was trying to do was have a wash in the bathroom so I put her down on the floor, like I do each morning; today it resulted in a spectacular display of anger and frustration, seen as her throwing herself onto her front and screaming at the top of her lungs, arms and legs going rigid and throwing her head back. Poor hubby was trying to sleep before going into an afternoon shift, but could only withstand his natural curiosity for so long before coming to see just what the fuck what going on.

And that was just one of the many she had in that 2 hour period. I went into work feeling the worst I've felt for a good while, that pressurised & trapped feeling back in my very core. Wondering how I ended up with such a horrible child. If she will ever stop this melodramatic behaviour. Maybe she's just not very nice and will always be like this. I don't want to dislike my offspring, it goes against the natural order of things. Even a colleague asking if I was ok, I wasn't my normal self today, brought me close to tears as it meant that the facade I was usually pretty good at maintaining when I feel crap was too much to keep up.

There's only one solution to this dreadful day. A glass of cold white wine.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sex and The City 2

Just been to see it with some friends. And although it is hilariously funny and very fashionable, I still cried a little tear. There is this one scene where Charlotte and Miranda are discussing the lesser-spoken-of side to being a mother. Charlotte needs some serious encouragement to admit that it is bloody hard work and sometimes she can't handle it, alongside some cocktail drinking (of course - this IS SATC). Miranda just listened to what she said and agreed with how she felt, didn't judge her, and gave her alcohol.

It made me realise that everyone feels the same way as me at some point or another, even if on the outside they are maintaining this facade that their life is perfect and parenthood is a breeze. And it made me immensely grateful for the Mummy friends I have met that say it how it is and don't bullshit about how their child can be. You know who you are you loads...Oh and we seriously need a night where we all drink cocktails and say it how it is ;-)

Memories of freedom

With all the features on the radio and television at the moment about exams, it's reminded me of that feeling of complete stress and pressure surrounding my revision and exams. And then the bubbling of excitement in the pit of my stomach when the last exam of the summer is over, you're walking out of that exam hall but wanting to run and shout "I'm free!!! I'm free!!"

Then that 2 whole months of NOTHING to do but have fun with friends and sunbathe. Waking up when you wanted. Staying in your pyjamas all day if you want. Staying up all night talking crap with a friend. Lying in the sun in the garden with the radio on. Taking trips to the beach whenever you wanted having just passed your driving test. Having BBQ's on the beach after bodyboarding all morning, your stomach grumbling and body tired, with bad surf-hair hidden under a bandana.

Then waking up to the reality of a crying baby upstairs when all you're trying to do is blog...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Baa baa goats milk

Having a trial run with goats milk for Poppy. I put her back onto cows milk, mixed with formula, and she has started having bad nappies again. Health visitor wasn't too helpful about cows milk intolerance last time I tried, so not bothering speaking to her again! Goats milk is worth a try, apparently it's all a bit trial and error if they won't get on with cows milk, but whatever. Just want to move past sterilising bottles and making up formula!