Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bad nights sleep

Poppy was awake between 345am and 515am this morning! arrghhh. ended up with her on my lap on the rocking chair and practically falling asleep myself. if only i'd had a pillow i think i'd have been gone. poor hubby then had to get up at 555am for work, he's text and he's falling asleep on his feet. super-early night tonight for us both i think.

Not sure about going swimming today with Poppy's cough. I've always taken her before if she's had a cold and she's been fine, so I will probably go, and it always cheers her up as she loves it so much.

Friday, 26 February 2010


Off to look at a second hand Fisher Price Bounce & Spin Zebra this morning, only 15 quid so thought it was worth a go. Poppy went down by herself for her nap just now, but her cold isn't really any better and the cough is really nasty. Dug out her inhaler yesterday to use as she's a bit wheezy, so hope that'll help.

It's funny how my mood and outlook changes so much over the course of a day. When I first get up I feel like the day is going to drag so much, I wish Poppy would just sit and play with some toys herself so I can wake up a bit! I clock-watch, waiting for the next thing to do (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at 7am, i get washed and dressed 730am, breakfast at 8am, Poppy wash and dress, nap attempt at 9am). By naptime I feel a bit more optimistic and energetic. The morning normally goes by quickly as I go out to visit friends or to a baby group. I anticipate the afternoon nap being a pain in the arse so get miserable again for a bit, then better when she's asleep. Then after her nap until teatime the time usually flies and I end up feeling like the day has disappeared again and I want more time to spend with her! Talk about mood swings. But of course there is always that relief and relaxation when she is asleep for the night..

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Christening dress

Got a dress for our nephews' christening today, luckily hubby didn't have to go into work after all this morning so didn't need the personal shopper. It's black and cream sort of animal print, little slinky cowl neck, capped sleeves, knee length. Hint of sexiness but not too much boob on show iykwim?! There will be a vicar after all...And a bright acid yellow cardi to go on top to brighten things up. Did want a new pair of shoes but baby and daddy were very bored so left it. Perhaps I can manage with my old peeling pair of black heels if I clean them up and pull off the lining, all in the name of economy of course (not that that stopped me buying a new outfit).

Also spotted some second hand garden play equipment for sale online so snagged a Little Tykes Acitivy Cube for Poppy for a bargainous £30. Here's Poppy helping her Daddy put it together

Then her on the finished article

Now just got to get some playsafe floor mat-type things for the patio and wait for some dry weather! Also hoping to get her a swing, either for her birthday or out of the money we get by selling on her first pram.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Buying shares in Kleenex

Both me & hubby have the cold too now so there is a lot of sneezing, coughing and sniffling going on in our household today. Poppy still streaming so was grumpy at baby group this morning. She was ok for about half hour but once it started getting busy, and very warm, she wouldn't go into the baby section and just wanted to walk about crying. Then be picked up. Then be put down. Then walk about. Then sit down and cry. Etc etc. Managed to last until midday by distracting her with snacks, but by then she'd really had enough.

Afternoon nap today didn't go very well, typical as we had visitors after it, but luckily she wasn't in too bad a mood when she'd had a bottle. After a nice bath with her Daddy only took 20mins to settle her to sleep, which is good going after the 45mins for the nap ;-)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Feeling the need for a hobby

Why is it that men get to carry on with their lives and hobbies when a baby is born, but the women tend to fade into being 'mummy' without any other aspects to their life? I would really like to arrange a regular hobby or time to do something every week without a baby attached to me, like my hubby plays golf. With his shift work though one week he'd be here and the next he wouldn't. Was thinking about going to the gym but once I go back to work I'm not likely to want to go in the evening to make myself even more tired. It just feels sometimes that men get to arrange to do what they want, when they want, with the pretense of checking with "the missus" first making it all ok. Surely they must know when it's ok and when it would be nice to give the woman a break from baby, without having to be told "no" like we're their mother. And then if the woman wants to make plans it takes such an effort to arrange it hardly feels worth it.

All this is hypothetical of course.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Snotty noses

Aren't children with a cold just so pitiful? Bless Poppy, with her green snot and red eyes and moaning. One day, when the cold is over, all the teeth are through, and we have the guts, we're going to have to do some sort of controlled crying. Each nap and even bedtime now involves staying with her until she's asleep, plus or minus the pinning down and shh-ing. Where it used to involve singing twinkle twinkle, putting on the lullaby cd, and walking out. Sometimes going back in to put dummy back in etc but certainly not 45 mins of trying not to lean on the creaky floorboard or breathe too loud.

Just watched this weeks episode of Gray's Anatomy. How can they fire Izzy??? Even though she did almost kill that kidney lady.. Now onto Brothers & Sisters but not sure I'll get to the end before my bed calls.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


I caught the stomach bug and by tuesday afternoon was sick as a dog, then hubby joined in the early hours of wednesday morning. Thank god my mum was able to take two days off work to take Poppy for us as there was no way we could have coped with both of us throwing up & running to the bathroom. Yuck.

It seems to be over now, we picked Poppy up earlier from mums. Just written out all the invitations for her birthday party, hope we get lots of kids coming as it's a pretty big room just for two or three children! As it's Easter Sunday i'm a bit worried but hopefully if I get the invites out early enough people will have time to make plans. Now just got to plan the food and decorations.

Have got my nephews christening in two weeks time in Somerset, we are godparents to J who is 3. Going to try and get a personal shopper appointment in Debenhams for next week for an outfit, a friend did it and took her son as you get a private fitting room so hoping I can take toys and leave her crawl about while I try some stuff on. Worth a go anyway as it's pretty much impossible going on my own otherwise and hubby not got much time off now before the day. Also it sounds much easier sitting about while someone brings lots of clothes to you!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Poorly baby

Poor little Poppy had been badly sick when I went into her this morning, then was sick twice more in the next half hour. Thankfully I think that it was her tummy clearing out some new porato she ate yesterday as (sorry if this is gross) there was the skin in her sick and bits of potato. She musn't have been able to digest it. Hasn't eaten much today but that's not a surprise after all that.

Hubby back to work tomorrow after two weeks off, will be strange again without him around all the time! And quiet, he's one of those people who love to have music on when he's in the kitchen etc and sing along at top volume. But that's one of the things I love, he's always so cheerful and keeps me on an even keel.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Fun day had by all

Lots of fun in Funsters had by adults and children alike. Poppy ate sausage and chips off the kids menu, cheesy garlic bread, a bit of Daddy's burger...anything she could get her hands on really!

Water Babies was ace this afternoon. Poppy actually was a bit clingy for me - amazing as she's so not an affectionate baby - and was really good at holding onto the side and coming into the water from poolside. I'm glad we're continuing next term too now that I can really see the progression in her. Got her underwater photo shoot next sunday, Mum is coming with me, in Cardiff so a little drive away. Then have to wait 3 weeks to view them, agonising!! Then who knows how long until we get the actual pictures, my friend waited 3 months but there was problems with her order.

Ok off to eat my lovely dinner with our guests.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Good end to the day

Ended up after a day of whinging that our visitors arrived and distracted Poppy enough to take the pressure off. She had leftover tinned spaghetti from her cousin's dinner, the first time for her, and seemed to like it by the squidgy handfuls she managed to get into her mouth.

Back to Funsters tomorrow morning with all the kids, should be great fun. Poppy and I have to sneak off after lunch for Water Babies class - can't mention it as her cousin (3.5 years old) will want to come too but get in the water with her - and need to get in our practice for the underwater photograph next weekend. Exciting stuff!

OH MY GOD I ALMOST FORGOT - POPPY STARTED CRAWLING TODAY!!!! Arrgh! Downhill from here for my poor dogs, that's the reason she managed to get moving as she really, really wants to pull their tails. Hope they soon learn to just hide upstairs else my life will be very stressful as they're not the most tolerant of animals...

Tough day so far

Due to lack of morning nap until gone 1030 Poppy has been evil this morning. It's one of those days when I don't feel strong enough to deal with it today, making it all seem ten times worse. Ended up yet again pinning her on her back with two hands to get her to give into sleep, after a failed attempt earlier in the morning. That can't be right, surely? How will anyone else get her to sleep, like when she starts nursery?? They probably will give up and she'll come home in a foul mood, I'll struggle to get any food into her BLW or nor, and generally have a horrible 2 hours with her until bedtime. Something to look forward to I suppose.

I tend to come on here and vent when thing's are hard & not really speak about the good things, but I guess that's just a way of me getting things out and not going mad. We did have a nice day yesterday, visiting my friend K and her newborn daughter P. Also joining us was a mutual friend, H, we havent all seen each other since last September and of course I hadn't met P before. A long drive to Swindon meant we got home at 6pm, so very tired last night! Also realised why I was in agony getting out of the car at home, had forgotten my painkiller in the morning so practically siezed up by then. But I soldiered on and did manage to get one side of the kitchen door painted, which i was pleased at as the damn thing has been hung 11 months without painting.

Anyways we went to PizzA Hut for lunch, where Poppy ate cheesy garlic bread, potato wedges and various bits I'd brought her. I had a yummy Caprino pizza which involved goats cheese, rocket, olives, thin crust. Heaven.

Got family visiting later until Sunday so hope I snap out of this mood a bit by then. Trying my best but I am finding it hard today.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Baking photos

Too tired to post tonight, just wanted to put up the photo of my baking achievement from the other day.

Been visiting a friend in Swindon with her 3 month old new baby & painting in the house after it and the last few evenings so am pooped.

Amendment - photo of Poppy eating a sweet potato muffin a few days later. Not all that fussed on them but I enjoy her leftovers.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Back from our jaunt

Had a lovely weekend away, very peaceful, lots of lovely food and wine. It's amazing how you get out of the habit of having a proper conversation, what with baby, tv, laptop, housework blah blah. The friday night we sat and had dinner, and drinks, and just talked for hours. Visited the town shops and the abbey on saturday which was very pretty, and bought a few knick-knacks for Poppy.

Picked Poppy up from Mum's lunchtime on Sunday, she was just having her lunch when we arrived. It was highly amusing seeing my mum's version of BLW - she'd cut up the cheese on toast into really small pieces and was putting them into Poppy's mouth one by one! Bless her. Didn't say anything as she was eating and happy, and that's the aim right?

Turns out Poppy seems to be a definite carnivore, we've noticed that she'll always go for the meat on the tray over everything else. Tonight we had chicken fajhitas, of which she had the chicken and veg without any spice. After clearing all the chicken she moved onto trying some mushrooms and peppers, but wasn't too impressed. Think that the peppers were still a bit hard, even though we'd cooked it for ages.

Made some sweet potato muffins and banana & raisin bread today also, which was fun. Photo's to be posted tomorrow hopefully. Have been struggling for ideas for lunches for her apart from sandwiches or toast, I know how bloated I feel if I eat too much bread, so hope these will go down ok. She munched the bit I gave her to try so fingers crossed.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Meatballs? Done

Just a quick one as got muchos packing to do before our weekend away. Tonight we tried Poppy with lamb meatballs in tomato sauce and pasta twirls. Success!

I thought when we were giving her purees that she wasn't fussed on red meat, as she didn't seem to enjoy beef. With the meatballs though, that was her favourite bit! She had a bit in each hand, taking a chew on each in turn. Not too fussed on the pasta but it's always a bit slippery and slimy, and with only 2 teeth it can't be the easiest thing to eat. Daddy spied her eating about 4 or 5 pieces though so it seems she does like it.

Mango chunks for dessert produced much hilarity, as it was from the fridge and thus quite cold. Looked like we were feeding her dog poo by the face she pulled, but then decided actually it's not too bad and went back for more.

Off to pack now then early night, even though I got a lie-in from hubby this morning i don't feel any less tired. Hope our two baby-free nights will help us catch up on the sleep deficit accumulated recently ;-)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Tired mummy and daddy

Don't know if it's down to teething or what, but last night Poppy woke up screaming at 1245am and couldnt be comforted. Ended up with Daddy bringing her downstairs for half hour then me giving her a bottle to settle her back to sleep by about 3am. Then she woke again at 5am the same screaming, but thankfully this time went straight back after I raced in on dummy patrol and turned her cd back on. I was sure she'd sleep in a bit after being awake over 2 hours during the night, but I lost the bet - woke at 645am like clockwork. Surprisingly I'm not overwhelmingly knackered, probably because I'm now used to getting so little sleep anyway no matter how early I go to bed. Could do with a little nap now though, getting the eye burn starting. Got friends coming over for a takeaway later on, chinese probably. Yummy. Salt and spicy prawns and vegetable chow mein. Yummy again.

Poppy is also very tired this afternoon, she's currently in her swing watching Tigger & Pooh (think, think, think...) chomping a breadstick as had enough of the whining. Daddy retired to bed to try and shift a killer headache before our guests arrive later. Bless him he's not very good on no sleep. Not letting her nap though this late in the day, or else we won't get her down to bed and I'm not getting into a habit of sleeping all day and being awake all night!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Think she's getting the hang of it

Tonight for dinner we all had the same meal. The 3 of us, it's a miracle. I made some tuna fishcakes (ok, Daddy did have chicken as he's not into fish) for Popppy and I and we all had baked potato with cheese. Yum. Plonked it in front of her on the tray and her hands were straight in there, this is what was left from her portion

And then she tucked into a whole plum, skin on and everything, that she'd started munching on before her dinner while Daddy sat her on the kitchen worktop to watch me cook

It was SOOOO easy. Please let this continue.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Party is booked

Got hold of the woman I needed to speak to at the local family centre and we can have Poppy's birthday party there. It'll be so good as there's loads of toys there already, and my in-laws have a ball pool and bouncy castle that we can put up in there too. There's also a little outdoor play park with swings, slide and climbing frame if the weather is dry. Yay!! It'll be much better than having it in the house.

Today Poppy has eaten weetabix for breakfast (off a spoon) whilst being distracted by feeding herself banana, tikka chicken/quorn/butternut squash and couscous, and for her dinner a veggie sausage, broccoli, peas and mashed potato. She really wasn't fussed on the mash, it looked like we'd put poison down on her tray when she tried a handful. She loved the Linda Macartney sausage though and ate the whole thing, and tried a few peas and sucked the florets off the broccoli. Also after lunch she had most of a huge conference pear, and after dinner a plum and a yoghurt. So all in all a successful day, which - most importantly - was pretty low stress. Giving her the bedtime bottle was lovely too, she fell asleep on my lap taking it. I didn't think I'd get any of those moments again as she's not one for cwtching up on your lap, so when they do happen I absolutely love it. I hope when she's a bit older though she'll want to come up for cuddles before bed, or if she's ill, or watching a film together on a sunday afternoon.

Saw my GP again today and I am being referred to a Rheumatologist. Going to go private for the consultation as my nanna has it for the family, and waiting time is 3 months for an urgent appointment :-o Need to ring them tomorrow and get the go ahead so surgery can fax my notes over or whatever they need to do to get the ball moving. Got a different painkiller to try too, I so need to get some sleep and not keep getting woken up with the pain.

Just done bits of ironing, only the urgents as I can't be bothered with it all tonight, and done a quick vacuum so I'm off to bed to read and get some sleep. It's Daddy's last night shift tonight then two weeks off, and only 4 more sleeps until our weekend away. I'm sure I'm owed some lie-ins on his time off.