Friday, 27 May 2011

Bank holiday plans

Yet another Bank Holiday is upon us, after the TWO recent long weekends in April which were fantastic and sunny. And finally hubby is off work for one, hurray! We are off to visit his family in Somerset tomorrow afternoon for two nights, which will hopefully involve lots of sitting down for me and Poppy being amused by her cousins.

Took the last dose of steroids yesterday so have been feeling progressively worse today, and now that I'm sat with my feet up it feels like everything is swelling and stiffening by the minute..yikes..still 4 days until I see my consultant and then who knows how long for any new medication to kick in. Perhaps I can take some more steroids after I've seen him to get through it all again. Who knew that rather than getting 'hooked' on prescription painkillers it would be prednisolone?

Poppy will be getting a lot of Grandma and Grandad exposure the next few weeks-this weekend, next weekend at her cousins birthday party (just me and her driving back to Somerset as hubby working this time), and the following weekend when I go to London for a girly weekend and they are coming here to babysit. Not looking forward to all the driving involved in these plans, bring on the stiff knees, but nothing will stop me visiting my London friend-we haven't had any time together without kids involved since just before I was pregnant with Poppy. Making it...ummm...2008! Wow! 3 years ago. This is a friend that I met while working in Wallis when a student, and another friend who also worked there is coming along too. I always thought I was rather odd, having kept in contact with people from when at Uni that I didn't meet AT Uni but through working. Guess that's what happens when you're not a typical student and go to Uni engaged to be married and living with your fiance!

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