Saturday, 14 May 2011

I admit it, I'm a nosy neighbour

Now that I'm back being a cripple/couch potato and we have new people moved into the house across from ours, I just can't help but sit in my seat and watch their coming's and going's. I was particularly impressed to see the older lady up and outside painting the decorative metal lamps either side of the front door when I opened the blind at 745am. That's early for a Saturday morning when you don't have a child, from what I remember. And the younger bloke is very good at keeping his car clean, and that's compared the bloke who lives next door to them who can clean his car for a whole afternoon. The same guy also mows his lawn by hand with a manual machine and trims the edges by hand with a scissors. A scissors. I just Googled fastidious to make sure I had the definition correct and yup, he is fastidious about his garden. Hubby and I often wonder why he doesn't work and is home all the time to clean the car/mow the lawn and hedge/walk his dog 3 times a day (and wipe her behind with a wetwipe when she does her business - I've witnessed this myself). His nickname is Mr P, which is short for Perfect. We are, however, very fortunate to have a fabulous set of neighbours right next door to us who are the same age as us and pregnant with their first child. Lets just say that before I was pregnant there were quite a few evenings involving a copious amount of alcohol and PS2 Singstar. It was them that gave us the Mr & Mrs P nickname, so I'm not to blame for that one! I do feel fortunate to have them there as they have helped out on more than one emergency occasion with the house, dogs and Poppy. I hope that we can be good neighbours and return the favour one day to them. Gone are the 'good old days' where everyone knows everyone in the street or village, but there is something to be said for saying hello when you pass people you see everyday getting out of their cars and offering to help out now and again. You never know when you may need them.

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