Friday, 13 May 2011

Brightening up my day

With a vibrant, shocking coral nail polish. Why not? What else is there to do when you have to sit down after being worn out by going to Tesco for a paper and wetwipes and WHSmiths for a card index box to organise recipes. Sit down, take off the chipped pale pink, shorten and file, moisturise, base coat, colour coat times two, top coat. Done. A familiar ritual that I can still accomplish to make me smile when I catch sight of the summery colour through the day.

And yes I am that sad and overly-organised that I want to set up an index card system for recipes that I have handwritten down on a bit of scrap paper, and keep moving around the kitchen. Hopefully it will prompt me to cook some new dishes too once I sort through them and get inspired. Or at least that Crunchie Chocolate Cheesecake that I saw lurking at the back of my current messy ringbinder. Yum.

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